Parisienne Towers

We specialize in creating elegant Parisienne towers to exacting standards. These towers are the ultimate dessert display.

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Fully Customizable

Our Parisienne towers are entirely customized; you choose the size, pattern, color(s), and filling(s), we can even add a gluten-free cake base for an additional fee. Personal touches such as monogramsmetallics or fondant can be added for an additional charge. We recommend delivery for all Parisienne towers. Call today to start creating your custom Parisienne tower.

Five Sizes

Number of Rows ~No. of Macarons Width & Height Price
Extra Small 6 28 6"W by 10"H $115
Small 8 48 6"W by 12"H $170
Medium 9 62 7.5"W by 15"H $220
Large 10 116 10"W by 20"H $460
Extra Large 16 150 13"W by 26"H $550


A pattern in the layout of Parisienne towers enhances the final look.  We recommend one of four patterns:


  1. Horizontal Stripes
  2. Ombré
  3. Swirl
  4. Tricolor


We will help you design the Parisienne tower of your dreams.

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