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December's Flavors

apple butter macaron

birthday cake macaron

blueberry jam macaron

bourbon buttercream macaron

chai macaron

cinnamon cream macaron

coconut cream macaron

coffee macaron

dark chocolate macaron

eggnog macaron

fig, goat cheese, pear & walnut macaron

gingerbread macaron

honey macaron

hot chocolate macaron

lavender macaron

lemon macaron

London fog macaron

matcha macaron

mocha macaron

orange chocolate macaron

orange dreamsicle macaron

pink peppercorn macaron

pistachio macaron

pumpkin macaron

raspberry jam macaron

rose macaron

salted caramel macaron

snickerdoodle macaron

sugar cookie dough macaron

vanilla macaron

violet-cassis macaron

wedding almond macaron

white chocolate peppermint macaron

About Us

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Honey B’s Macarons™

Honey B’s Macarons™ specializes in creating exquisite French macarons. We value our customers enjoying the unique experience each macaron provides. With this, in mind, our passion is reflected in the quality and consistency of each one. We use the highest quality ingredients in the over 100 flavors we make from scratch. Our dedication to creating perfect authentic French macarons has earned our staff over 180 five-star reviews across social media.

Our ‘naked’ macarons do not contain any artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives. We use only the finest ingredients, such as Callebaut chocolate, Madagascar vanilla beans, and lavender buds. Every flavor is made from scratch with your best experience in mind.  For special events and featured macarons, we do use FDA approved food coloring.

Whether you are interested in a sleeve of macarons, planning a wedding or corporate event, our dedicated team ensures all the details are correct the first time.

Established in 2014, Honey B’s Macarons™ opened its first bakery and storefront in Highlands Ranch, Colorado in March 2016. We strictly adhere to the Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations and maintain an impeccable record. We have maintained our kitchen to be Kosher friendly and gluten-free.

Our macarons can be ordered online and delivered anywhere in the Continental USA, no matter the size of the order. They contain no preservatives, are packed with ice, and delivered safe for consumption.

We offer consultation and tastings for weddings and events of all sizes. Custom flavors, shell colors, and food-grade printed logos or text are all options. Wholesale customers have the same opportunities, and optionally flavors are customized uniquely for each to maintain marketplace diversity.

Our motto Always Bee Delicious™, is our bond. We guarantee our macarons for flavor and quality. Whether you are an aficionado or new to macarons, you have found the world’s finest. Prepare your senses for the best macaron experience ever.