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We specialize in creating exquisite French macarons.  At the heart of our bakery is a team whose goal is to make every bite of your event delicious.  Whether you are creating a sleeve of six macarons or planning an event for 500 attendees, our team is dedicated to ensuring that no detail is overlooked. The time and passion we put into making each macaron a unique experience for every individual is extremely important to us.

We use only the highest quality ingredients in the over 80 flavors we make from scratch. Our passion for creating authentic French macarons has earned our staff over 150 five-star reviews across social media.

Many of our memories are created through taste. As children, we learn how important flavor is to us; it determines what we value in taste and our desire to reminisce in that nostalgic memory once more. We strive to recreate that experience in every macaron we bake.

We at honey B's believe that what you eat should always bee delicious.


Author: Michelle Naherny

Publisher: honey B's macarons