• 5 star rating  I have searched high and low to find a macaron in the Denver area that compares to the ones at La Bonne Vie at the... read more

    Nikole Marie Avatar Nikole Marie

    5 star rating  After reading the wonderful reviews on Yelp I decided to try them out of the first time today. It's a wonderful place and Michelle was... read more

    Celeste M. Avatar Celeste M.

    5 star rating  These macarons are even better than the ones I had in Paris! And the beautiful packaging makes them the perfect gift as well! So thrilled... read more

    Jenny T. Shen Avatar Jenny T. Shen
  • 5 star rating  Finally! I've found a place in Colorado that serves French Macarons that are chewy perfection. not hollow, and not raw... this is a small shop... read more

    Lea B. Avatar Lea B.

    5 star rating  A vendor gave me a small box of a sampling your macarons. I was supposed to share with my co-workers but I didn't! ... read more

    Diann Beck Avatar Diann Beck

    5 star rating  These are AMAZING! I had these for the first time today and I'm hooked!

    Kori Restivo Avatar Kori Restivo
  • 5 star rating  Michele and her macarons are amazing. I had not ever had a macaron and was purchasing them as a gift. Michele was patient and explained... read more

    Joshua B. Avatar Joshua B.

    5 star rating  We stopped by today and were lucky enough to grab a few flavors - all delicious! We plan on being regular customers. 🙂

    Ashley Fullmer Avatar Ashley Fullmer

    5 star rating  I was just driving by and saw the shop and screeched my car to a halt! I recently moved from out of state and hadn't... read more

    Gabriel Ibarra Avatar Gabriel Ibarra
  • 5 star rating  On our first time in we were served by the owner who was extremely helpful and patient as we picked out individual flavors. With all... read more

    Rachel Howdyshell Avatar Rachel Howdyshell

    5 star rating  We purchased 12 different flavors - all which were delicious! The Denver & the lemon were our favorites.

    Michele Fortuna Avatar Michele Fortuna

    5 star rating  My husband LOVED these. He wants me to go back and get more. He wants the honey ones again. They are awesome the smores ones... read more

    Ashley Jones Avatar Ashley Jones
  • 5 star rating  Perfect ending to a great girls weekend! Absolutely delicious and beautiful!

    Desiree Mondragon Avatar Desiree Mondragon

    5 star rating  Honey macaron is to die for. Just perfect! So happy to have macarons in colorado!

    Ashley Moran Avatar Ashley Moran

    5 star rating  I love Honey B's macarons. Not only has every one been soft and delicious, but the staff are outstanding. Every time I walk... read more

    Lauren Evans Avatar Lauren Evans
  • 5 star rating  The best macaroons I had in Colorado. They have unique flavors.  The bakery is clean and simple. It's a must try.

    Thuy N. Avatar Thuy N.

    5 star rating  My beautiful angel had a craving for some macarons so I searched around and decided to check on several places for delivery options. I called... read more

    James M. Avatar James M.

    5 star rating  This is such a beautiful store.  The service was fast, friendly and welcoming. We had a hard time choosing just one so we bought  a... read more

    Tracey B. Avatar Tracey B.
  • 5 star rating  So delicious!! I was barely able to survive the 45 minute wait.. Was tempted to have a bite before that time but decided to make... read more

    Inna Bezugly Avatar Inna Bezugly

    5 star rating  Stopped in today for a fun dessert and tried the Cherry Cheesecake. Fantastic! There is a cherry in the middle!!! It's now on our list... read more

    Dee Keilt Gianetto Avatar Dee Keilt Gianetto

    5 star rating  Amazing macaroons and superior customer service!  During my first visit the gentleman behind the counter patiently explained their process and each of the available flavors,... read more

    Stephanie M. Avatar Stephanie M.
  • 5 star rating  We had these tonight for my daughter's birthday! They are so, so good!!!

    Leya Sylvester Avatar Leya Sylvester

    5 star rating  Holy Macarons! These are awesome! Would be fun if they have more than 12 flavors! Will be back.

    Nancy K. Avatar Nancy K.

    5 star rating  People are fantastic, macaroons are the best! This place is amazing. I had no idea how complex it was to make a good macaroons. This... read more

    H F. Avatar H F.
  • 5 star rating  Love, love, LOVE this little neighborhood gem! The owner is so sweet and gracious, and you can tell she makes every treat with her heart.... read more

    Lauren T. Avatar Lauren T.

    5 star rating  Unfortunately, I haven't had the privilege to try one o their macarons, but I can definitely vouch for their great customer service. I was ordering... read more

    Tatiana P. Avatar Tatiana P.

    5 star rating  We absolutely LOVE Honey Bee's!! During Christmas rush we had a small mishap with a special order but the owner Michelle went WAY above and... read more

    Holly B. Avatar Holly B.
  • 5 star rating  The owner is just lovely and welcoming to her customers. The cookies are beautiful and delicious.

    Ellen Christoffersen- Rusk Avatar Ellen Christoffersen- Rusk

    5 star rating  These macarons are a-mazing!!! The best outside of France. And come to think of it, maybe the best including the ones in France!

    Jill Lagarenne Avatar Jill Lagarenne

    5 star rating  These macarons are even better than the ones I had in Paris! Salted caramel, pistachio and honey are my personal favorites, but they have so... read more

    Jenny S. Avatar Jenny S.
  • 5 star rating  We absolutely LOVE Honey Bee's!! During Christmas rush we had a small mishap with a special order but the owner Michelle went WAY above and... read more

    Holly Britton Avatar Holly Britton

    5 star rating  100* fever with the flu and zero appetite was no match for these heavenly treats! I ate 6 of them , and after sleeping... read more

    Jamie Lynn Cook Avatar Jamie Lynn Cook

    5 star rating  The rave reviews don't even begin to do them justice. Two of my kids mocked them as fancy French Oreos, until they tried a bite,... read more

    Crystal Irwin Avatar Crystal Irwin
  • 5 star rating  OMG, a piece of Heaven in your mouth! These are honestly the best macaroons I've had and I am addicted. All the flavors are delicious.... read more

    Marina G. Avatar Marina G.

    5 star rating  I love this cute macaroon boutique. Been there twice in a span of a few weeks, and each time I got an assortment of macaroons.... read more

    Van Trieu Avatar Van Trieu

    5 star rating  These people are exceptional!!!! So incredible and authentic you feel like your in France!!!!

    Hunter Wells Avatar Hunter Wells
  • 5 star rating  You guys. I am OBSESSED. I haven't been able to find really good macarons since I visited France... that is, until this shop opened just... read more

    Carli Ferrari Avatar Carli Ferrari

    5 star rating  Delicious and light!! Salted caramel is a must! Passionate owner and a dedicated gf facility. Run, don't walk they are incredible!!!

    Auburn-Jason C. Avatar Auburn-Jason C.

    5 star rating  Amazing love all the flavors we got. Manager/owner took the time to over all flavors.

    Packed with cold packs and box beautifully.

    Dana L. Avatar Dana L.
  • 5 star rating  I am nuts about macarons. I've been to Laduree, Payard, and many Denver bakeries that sell them. I have to say that this little, out... read more

    Melissa G. Avatar Melissa G.

    5 star rating  Best macarones I had since discovering them in Switzerland in Geneva! Authentic French Macarones! This is comming from a true, picky European 😀

    Ana Markovich Avatar Ana Markovich

    5 star rating  Seriously good macaroons!  Some unique flavors...try the PB and chocolate, you can thank me later!

    Robyn S. Avatar Robyn S.
  • 5 star rating  Best Macarons in town! or in the country? or on Earth? 🙂 Thank you for opening your store in Highlands Ranch!

    Yelena Murphy Avatar Yelena Murphy

    5 star rating  If you want an excellent product to serve your guests, clients or just to treat yourself this is it! Honey B's has excellent customer... read more

    Sheryl Kleck VanDuren Avatar Sheryl Kleck VanDuren

    5 star rating  Amazing!!! Must try! Tons of Flavors to choose from.

    Dana Landes Avatar Dana Landes
  • 5 star rating  These macaroons are amazing!  I highly recommend the honey and the lemon (my favorite).  They add honey to their macaroons from their very own bee... read more

    Christine B. Avatar Christine B.

    5 star rating  This picture does not do it justice, but Honey B's served our wedding! The entire process was wonderful, and the product ended up better than... read more

    Natasha Yoder Avatar Natasha Yoder

    5 star rating  I stopped in today to give them a try. OMG! The orange was amazing it the salted Carmel was the most amazing thing ever!! Yummy!!!

    Shelly Wright Avatar Shelly Wright
  • 5 star rating  Macaroons are amazing. Some great flavours! The Baker is really innovative at coming up with festive and interesting flavours. A must visit if your hanging... read more

    Nitin J. Avatar Nitin J.

    5 star rating  My family loves your little shop! We have bought gift cards for our kids every Christmas and for their birthdays. They look so forward to... read more

    Elizabeth M. Avatar Elizabeth M.

    5 star rating  Just incredible macarons. You can tell they are made with great care and exceptional ingredients. Better than the ones at the famous patisserie... read more

    Jenny West Avatar Jenny West
  • 5 star rating  We stopped in tonight after hearing so many people raving about the macarons.  Let me tell you, they were all the hype and more -... read more

    Liz S. Avatar Liz S.

    5 star rating  Drove all the way from Longmont to try these! So good!!! We will be back.

    Mēagan Borkowski Avatar Mēagan Borkowski

    5 star rating  I got a dozen for myself and a dozen for my friend and they didn't last past two days, we couldn't stop eating them!!! So... read more

    Kari Enberg Avatar Kari Enberg
  • 5 star rating  Amazing! It's wonderful to have someone who is passionate about what they do for a living :-). Michelle is friendly and attentive!

    Tara Ham Avatar Tara Ham

    5 star rating  Absolutely amazing! Can't wait to try the other flavored..

    Stacha Abercrombie Manchulenko Avatar Stacha Abercrombie Manchulenko

    5 star rating  Addicting! My all time favorite is the pink peppercorn. I would also suggest hitting up their limited time/special release macarons.

    Jennifer Jespersen Avatar Jennifer Jespersen
  • 5 star rating  BEST french macaron i've ever had, cutest store front, and an amazing selection of flavors. I will be coming back for sure. Also, the customer... read more

    Chelsea Kyaw Avatar Chelsea Kyaw

    5 star rating  Cuuuuuuute shop! So many varieties to try. Not cheap, but worth every penny! Remember Honey B's for adorable gifts.

    We stopped in today looking to kill... read more

    Jenn B. Avatar Jenn B.

    5 star rating  Absolute best I have ever had. You can really tell how passionate the owner is - she pulls out all the stops. Since I (sadly)... read more

    Jesse Hopkins Avatar Jesse Hopkins
  • 5 star rating  Absolutely delicious and a beautiful display for your wedding or event!

    Dore Huss Avatar Dore Huss

    5 star rating  Had THE BEST MACARONS today! All of the reviews I read were true. Exotic flavors, high quality and VERY professional customer service #ihoneybsmacarons #duhlicious #tummyishappy

    Katrina H. Avatar Katrina H.

    5 star rating  I went in today with my 2yr old to pick up some, "macarons for mommy." There was no look of terror as they saw a... read more

    Adam M. Avatar Adam M.
  • 5 star rating  Love this place! The macarons were so good! I only tried a couple because I bought the 12 sleeve as a gift for someone who... read more

    Victoria R. Avatar Victoria R.

    5 star rating  Great local business! Very yummy, perfect flavor and texture. My favorite was the pink peppercorn!

    Sophia Yockey Van Wyk Avatar Sophia Yockey Van Wyk

    5 star rating  Every time I walk into honey B’s I feel so welcome!! A beyond beautiful place and the staff is just as beautiful ❤️I wouldn’t go... read more

    Caitlin Tischler Avatar Caitlin Tischler
  • 5 star rating  Can not wait to go back for more! Amazing flavors, beautiful macarons.

    Jennifer McGuire Dunbar Avatar Jennifer McGuire Dunbar

    5 star rating  Fantastic!! These are authentic, local and delicious!

    Laura Beery Sandstrom Avatar Laura Beery Sandstrom

    5 star rating  I love Honey B's Macarons! Every time I go in there they have a beautiful selection of different flavors. I like that you can buy... read more

    Meaghan L. Avatar Meaghan L.
  • 5 star rating  Delicious. Kids love picking from all the different flavors. Always a super special treat.

    Kathryn Dawn Salazar Avatar Kathryn Dawn Salazar

    5 star rating  Had some fantastic macaroons! We were planning to just have 2 of those but the flavor were so good that I couldn't make up my... read more

    Binal M. Avatar Binal M.

    5 star rating  Today I had the outstanding pleasure of having macarons from Honey B's Macarons. They had quite a good selection of flavors to choose from and... read more

    Shana F. Avatar Shana F.
  • 5 star rating  We love Honey B's. I have a daughter with a dairy allergy, and she was so excited to find out there are dairy free options... read more

    Tammy H. Avatar Tammy H.

    5 star rating  After living in the California Bay Area for a while, I fell in love with macarons and my heart (and belly) are so happy to... read more

    Andrea E. Avatar Andrea E.

    5 star rating  In town for business and I am a sucker for sweets so when I saw this on yelp I knew I had to go. The... read more

    Kim S. Avatar Kim S.
  • 5 star rating  Amazing!! The macarons are so good and the owner is so nice!! Thank you so much for picking Highlands Ranch to open your shop in.

    Danielle Wafford Avatar Danielle Wafford

    5 star rating  I love Honey B's and Michelle is amazing! Her macaron class was super fun and she made a seemingly difficult dessert easy. Thanks Michelle!

    Amanda Wentworth Avatar Amanda Wentworth

    5 star rating  Me prior to my trip to Paris - "I'm going to eat my way through Paris in macaroons." Me on the flight home - "I... read more

    Angie C. Avatar Angie C.
  • 5 star rating  Happened to see this shop while in the area and dropped in. Shop is beautifully designed and very inviting. The owner helped me and was... read more

    Jacob Wallace Avatar Jacob Wallace

    5 star rating  We were in Paris two years ago and these macarons rival the ones we had there!! So excited to have a source for this delicious... read more

    Shannon P. Avatar Shannon P.

    5 star rating  Had a nice visit with the owner, her passion is undeniable as she explained the ingredients of each flavor. You can taste the love in... read more

    Pete Anderson Avatar Pete Anderson
  • 5 star rating  Very professional, always willing to answer questions. Their macarons are the best I have ever had, including La Durée in Paris. Flavors vary all the... read more

    Peggy Veal Avatar Peggy Veal

    5 star rating  We received these as a gift and they were divine! I'm going to send them whenever I need client gifts in the future. They... read more

    Carol Rathe Avatar Carol Rathe

    5 star rating  The highest quality product and people. You may or may not have tried macaroons before, but these are outstanding. Consistency of product is unmatched. Makes... read more

    Luke Martin Avatar Luke Martin
  • 5 star rating  These are the best Macarons I've ever had. Surpasses anything I've had in Europe as well as in Colorado and it's RIGHT in my neck... read more

    Demetria Rivera Avatar Demetria Rivera

    5 star rating  Never had a macaroon... Michelle brought in some to my office. Wow... amazing.

    Paul Joseph Avatar Paul Joseph

    5 star rating  Thank you Michelle for the wonderful time today in your macarons class. I would recommend it to ANYONE. It was comfortable, not too technical, easy... read more

    Theresa Martens Avatar Theresa Martens
  • 5 star rating  You guys. I am OBSESSED. I haven't been able to find really good macarons since I visited France... that is, until this shop opened just... read more

    Carli F. Avatar Carli F.

    5 star rating  I came in overwhelmed by the options as it was my first time. I wasn't rushed and all my questions were answered. The macaroons were... read more

    Lauren June Avatar Lauren June

    5 star rating  Great place! Planning to order for my wedding but it's hard to decide with all the great flavors! I just wish they were located on... read more

    Melissa Truitt Avatar Melissa Truitt
  • 5 star rating  Best macarons in Denver!! Great service, amazing flavors.

    Stephanie Corrigan Avatar Stephanie Corrigan

    5 star rating  This is one of my favorite places on the planet. The owner is very sweet and remembers me every time I come in. She takes... read more

    Lola M. Avatar Lola M.

    5 star rating  One of my clients just brought me the dark chocolate one and it is safe to say that I am now an addict. I am... read more

    Jenna Lynn Daniels Avatar Jenna Lynn Daniels