It was two delightful ladies who inspired honey B’s macarons. They came to Michelle on a warm summer day and asked if she would make them some macarons. And that one request started a new journey for Michelle. Michelle lives at 6,500 feet in the foothills of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Macarons are a delicate treat that can be difficult to make at high elevation. But with much persistence, she perfected the art of making the macaron shells using the French method. Then it was on to developing delicious flavors – because if it isn’t delicious, you shouldn’t eat it.

And this is where Michelle’s husband, Brent, comes in. Michelle’s pet name for Brent is ‘Honey B’, in part, because he’s so sweet, but also because he nurtures honeybees. They have three hives in Castle Pines. When it came to developing fillings for the macarons, Michelle experimented with honey from the hives. The flavor was phenomenal. She decided that honey would be the signature flavor and that ‘Honey B’s Macarons’ was the name most fitting.

In creating an authentic French macaron, Michelle believes that only natural ingredients should be in the fillings and that is what makes them so delicious. The fact that macarons are gluten-free is an added plus, because so many people are gluten intolerant.

Michelle realized that through making macarons, she could fuse her creativity and attention to detail with her client’s desire to create extraordinary pieces for their special occasion.


Author: Michelle Naherny

Publisher: honey B’s macarons